The Dyehouse of the Year 2015 is…

natific is proud to present the winner of the
first annual Dyehouse of the Year Award 2015,
system’s choice

Centro America S.A de C.V.
El Salvador

Our sincere congratulations to the management and staff of the
Pettenati El Salvador location for a job well done in all aspects of
managing color accuracy and precision in production.

The selection of the award winner was based on
the following parameters:

• The overall performance
• The number of batches measured for the year
• Average DEcmc for all batches
• % of Samples in Level 5 Tolerance
• Data hygiene
• Color Consistency for the Year
• Metameric samples
• The management of standard names for FSRR’s
Some words from the award winner Pettenati Centro Americe S.A de C.V. El Salvador, Director Ejecutivo Francesco Pilenga:
“Please remind to all the ones skeptical about Natific that I was skeptical too… maybe the most skeptical… But finally it has been super worth invest in CAP and I was wrong, badly wrong. They think about CAP just as a way to avoid to send lab dips and bulks for approval… but that’s the last of the advantages… It is a way to “normalize” your entire production and a unique way to approach internal problems/customers/fabrics when it comes to dyeing and reproducibility.”

Some words from natific, CEO Magnus Kanholt:
“Pettenati’s performance is truly great, which becomes obvious when looking at the production data they submitted into the ColorWarehouse. Running a factory at this level is a challenge but they really got it right, something that they show every day. This contributes to better quality, increased efficiency and less waste which adds value to their customer, the environment and ultimately the end-consumer. It’s a great pleasure and honor to congratulate Pettenati as the Dyehouse of the Year award winners, a one of a kind award in the industry based upon objective and reliable data. Pettenati truly deserves it!”

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Clear focus on accuracy to the brand’s digital standard and also to focus on lot-to-lot consistency, known as precision, is critical for consistency in the final product and color coordination. Pettenati manages this very well, which can be seen in their results in the ColorWarehouse.

Pettenati’s Global View in ColorWarehouse, showing various metrics and Key Performance Indicators supporting critical decision making.

Overall performance
The overall performance can be seen in the Global View’s column “CAP level”. The level is updated continuously to track Dye House progress and current standing. A dye house that achieves a CAP level of 3 or above does not need to send lab dips or first of production samples for approval, they are privileged to go straight-to-production as soon as the color is specified by the brand or retailer. Pettenati’s average CAP Level throughout the year has been a 4.

Number of batches measured
The number of batches measured for the year is taken into consideration. You’ll find the number of batches in the “Samples” column. Pettenati submitted 426 samples throughout the year.
Average DEcmc
How well a retailer’s or brand’s final product will look and match in store at a single point in time and over time is crucial. This parameter can be found in the column with the heading “Average DEcmc”. Pettenati’s average DEcmc throughout the year for all batches has been excellent at 0.42 in the primary light source.
Percent of samples in Level 5 Tolerance
The parameter “% in L5 Tolerance” indicates the percentage of production lots that are within 0.60 DEcmc to the standard. For Pettenati, this was 93% of all their lots. At the ColorWarehouse landing page, we can also see that Pettenati didn’t upload any out of tolerance production samples.
Data hygiene
The column “Data hygiene” shows the amount of informative/complete data uploaded to ColorWarehouse for each production lot. 100%, as Pettenati has shown, is the goal for high performing mills.
Color Consistency for the Year
The graph below shows Pettenati’s color consistency for the year.
Metameric samples
How well a dye house selects dye recipes that will match the color standard in all specified light sources can be seen at the ColorWarehouse’s Color Dashboard, there the number of metameric samples is show. This parameter also ensures color coordination with other mills dyeing the same color. Pettenati didn’t upload any metameric samples.
Management of standard names for FSRR’s (Technical Pass)
It is not possible to match all colors on all fabrics. This must to be managed well, with a clear standard naming convention so everyone knows the production is compared to an FSRR standard (Technical Pass). Pettenati has managed this very well.
Other areas worth mentioning…
Pettenati demonstrated the proper procedures to adjust colors after the initial production lot to be closer to the digital standard and to ensure production was in a tight cluster. The initial production lot for the below color was 0.75 DEcmc compared to the standard. An adjustment was made and the remaining lots were under 0.60 DEcmc (CAP Level 5 for production).
The basics are everything, make sure you get them right. Using the correct measurement setting for the spectrophotometer is critical. And, don’t forget to maintain the required prerequisites for CAP accreditation, especially profiling software and service for the spectrophotometer, light box and conditioning cabinet. Good luck!

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