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You receive the news as a friend of natific. We help you to connect and empower your textile supply chain through our system solutions and on-site work. To work proactive and optimized, while building an efficient and sustainable supply chain within Color Management, Quality Compliance, Chemicals & Hazardous Substances, Environmental Conditions and Social Improvements. With warm greetings from our HQ at the top of the Swiss alps and local offices around the world, – this issue is for you who are into Color Management

Have you received labdips that are not right first time? and despite a second or third round of labdips garments ended up in stores with issues of color variation and loss of color harmony in collections, metamerism or poor color fastness. It is possible to quickly know in advance of requesting any labdips, which colors may be a challenge in production and stores. How about your colors for Spring/Summer 2015?

Without applying a comprehensive feasibility analysis (focus on nylon only), we found some points to be mentioned for a typical Spring/Summer 2015 color mood board collection of colo

rs and wanted to share our findings with you.


Spectra Yellow 14-0957 TCX
This color has difficulties to achieve metameric free match. The reflectance curve of the color would require an optimization to be less of a challenge in production.

Blazing Yellow 12-0643 TCX
To avoid using fluorescent element with low light fastness such as AY 250 or AY 184, we would recommend using Lanasyn Flavine F-5G.

Spring Bouquet 14-6340 TCX
To ensure consistent dyeing results with good overall fastness performance, we would recommend basing the recipe on AG 81.

Capri Breeze 17-4735 TCX
This color requires the use of a turquoise element such as DBL 86, which leads to difficulties in dyeing and fastness performance. We would recommend using shading elements with high brilliancy and good performance such as ABL 239 (cotton = RG 38 or RG 21).





For efficient production and a sustainable seasonal color palette, a complete analysis can be carried out during the design and development phase. You are welcome to contact us at for more information regarding your seasonal color palette or selected individual colors.

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Your dedicated natific team

Since 2008, the world’s best-known international clothing brands, retailers and suppliers have used natific’s software systems and services. Our software and engineers streamline the color development process, make sure there are no harmful substances in the garments, and work proactively to make the world an environmentally cleaner place. Together with our clients, we create improvements for workers in textile factories and ensure our clients receive required quality.

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