The revolution is happening NOW!

The color revolution is happening NOW!

Prior revolutions in color management:

  • Consistent viewing (through light box)
  • Objective color measurement (through spectrophotometer)
  • Consistent and reproducible color standards (Achroma, CSI, Pantone etc.)*

*(you might want to read this article what most people don’t know about color standards before you send your next color requirement to your supplier)

his is what is happening now:

  • Web-based color workflow management
  • Bulk-production color management
  • Mill accreditation for self-approval of lab-dip and first submission

Let’s check out some features already embedded at leading fashion & sports brands

If you’d like to get quick answers to the questions in below picture, the future in color management is here for you. Find answers and statistics to your most crucial questions simply by filtering data.

Leading brands and retailers are able to see and compare what is going on at their mills, in real-time. They can work proactive and easily notice that the earlier approved lab-dip from mill 1 and mill 2 in below picture will give their customer different products.

Hit REPLY and write “color revolution” to get the product visibility you need.


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