This conversation will cut color development time down from 60 days to <5

This conversation will cut your color development down from 60 days to <5

It’s high time to do something if you recognize this conversation:

Brand: Here’s a color I like – can you match it?
Supplier: I don’t know. Let’s try. How about this?
Brand: No.
Supplier: Okay, how about this?
Brand: No, I don’t like that either.
Supplier: Okay, then this – and it’s the best I can do.
Brand: Really?
Supplier: Yes, really.
Brand: I’m thinking about it.
Supplier: Hello??? Do you still want that color?
Brand: Yeah, we’ll approve the first submit.

That’s a conversation that all conventional lab dipping processes are built on.

INSTEAD, imagine that the conversation changes to this:

Brand: Here’s a color that I want on cotton. It can be matched within our tolerances and meet all of our requirements except lightfastness, for which we will accept 2.5.
Supplier: Done.
Supplier: By the way, see how great the production looks.

This second conversation is a reality with color standards that you know can be matched in production by the supplier.

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