Time To Brag A Little! One Of The 20 Most Promising…


TIME TO BRAG A LITTLE! – One of the 20 Most Promising Textile and Apparel Technology Solution Providers 2017




natific operates in the coulisse of several of the world leading textile and apparel brands, to optimize their supply chains.

Earlier this year, we were recognized by CIO Review magazine as one of the 20 Most Promising Textile and Apparel Technology Solution Providers 2017. We are proud to get this recognition from an independent source and wanted to share it with you.

In this article by CIO Review magazine, you can read about how natific’s color management systems are “designed to be highly efficient and drive global best practice” and how our systems “prevent the waste of time and dollars”.

This is how Keith Hoover, VP Material Process & Color Innovation at Under Armour, describes his company’s reliance on natific’s services:

“Under Armour collaborates with natific to develop and implement programs that ensure our products have the perfect color and meet fastness and quality requirements.

Together we have built the CAP and Voodoo resulting in the elimination of months of conventional color development through which our competitors must go. As a result, we have better conformance with our rigorous quality standards, as well as better mill sourcing opportunities around the world.

All of our textile mills are CAP-certified, providing us not only with an onsite look at their facilities, but also a steady stream of cloud-based colorimetric data allowing us to monitor their production in real team – regardless of location.”

Read the full article here.

Thank you for your support, without you this would not be possible.


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