[Video] How A US Brand Created A More Efficient Color Process

During the International Textile, Apparel and Fashion Conference in Sri Lanka in March, natific’s Christoph Bergmann presented a case study how and why a European brand ended up with shade variations and deviations in the stores.

Christoph also showed how a US brand transformed their supply chain by waving goodbye to the traditional color process and moving to a new more efficient process.

We recorded the presentation to be able to share it with you. In the 13 minute long video, you will:

– Follow a brand’s color process in reverse, starting from the store, and learn how lab dips and color standards create shade variations and deviations within one product and different product groups.

– Understand the traditional (outdated) color approval process and what this process means for your sourcing time, budget and the environment.

– See what the new color process looks like and why it’s important to make your color decisions based on measurements and data.

– Learn how a US retailer challenged natific to create the digital color process of the future, resulting in reduced shipping, time saved, increased efficiency, less waste and no lab-dipping.

– Get insights into today’s color solutions and learn about different functions in natific’s online color communication systems that will speed up your decision making.

Click on the video to watch the presentation.



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