[Video] Part 1/3: Practical Tips To Speed Up Your Supply Chain

This advice alone can take your lab-dipping from 75% to 90% right-first-time!

In the following three natific news, we will be sharing practical tips that we commonly give to mills while training them to be one of the top-performing mills in the world*.

As a brand or retailer, we recommend that you check this with your mills!

The tips we share here, together with the mill Far Eastern in Suzhou, China, are easy to implement and will give you an immediate return on investment throughout the entire supply chain.

Watch this short clip to learn about where 20% of mills mistakes in color development might come from and what to do about it.

With this advice alone, Far Eastern will be able to improve their right first time ratio in lab-dippings from 75% to 90%.

Click PLAY on the video to get our advice how to take your lab-dipping from 75% to 90% right-first-time!



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*By going beyond a standard review of the lab dip procedure and focusing on a mill’s process capability, natific can determine if a mill will be able to produce any given color to a specific tolerance. Until today, we have trained over 100 global dye houses that exhibit the required internal expertise and process control to earn straight to production privileges (i.e. no lab dips being sent back and forth between the mill and the brand).

Video transcript: What is very recommended, especially if you want to improve your right-first time (it’s now about 75% and you want to improve to 90%)… about 20% improvement is when you attach a printer on your scale in the dye kitchen. Because now the workers just weight some dyestuff and are never sure if it’s correct or not, and it’s really about 20% mistakes from that weighting. If you have a printer with an alert, it will be reduced with about 20%.

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