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Do you also want to be able to share and evaluate color and quality results fast and easy within your supply chain? Now you can learn the basics of the ColorWarehouse Network in our latest webinar video.

The ColorWarehouse Network brings together all color production data in one placeto give you a complete overview and possibility to, in real-time, compare results and see how well a specific color production matches the standard. It gives you the possibility to “click and see” your supplier´s production status at any time, and take corrective action on production when it’s needed.

The production data is simply shared with your supply chain partners (brands, retailers, dyehouses, vendors, garment manufacturers, fabric buyers and tier one) by inviting the ones you want to your network. You can evaluate the performance of each supplier and their reproducibility over time.


With the ColorWarehouse Network you speed up the communication of production results and can save 95% of your time handling color production. CLICK PLAY to watch the introduction webinar explaining how!

Many of you contacted us after the webinar to learn more. Here are some of the questions and answers:

Q: I am a colorist at a brand communicating with many different mills.  Would I and each of the mills I work with need a subscription?
A: When you use the ColorWarehouse as a brand you will have an annual corporate subscription that includes the number of internal users that you need. The Annual subscription also includes participation for your brand in our Color Accreditation Program that allows your brand to use CAP mills and to work toward self-approval at the mill level with mills already confirmed to have very good process control. Mills within the CAP program already have a subscription, however if you want to work with mills that aren’t CAP accredited, they need a subscription for mills.

Q: Are there separate views within the ColorWarehouse for lab dips and bulk?
A: You may collect data on submit type which could include the approved lab dip and production/bulk. These data can be filtered and sorted so you can see them in separate views.

Q: Who enters the lab dip information? The person requesting or the mill?
A: In the ColorWarehouse Network, the mills input all the data into the system using brand specific forms and set-up. This is intended for production results. You can however capture data on approved lab dip measurements from the mill if you want to.

Q: How do the mills enter info into the ColorWarehouse? Does it automatically upload from a spectrophotometer?
A: The mills use either Datacolor Tools or X-Rite IQC to measure and submit data to the ColorWarehouse. They also have access through the web portal to enter field data like testing data, season, brand etc.

Do you need more information on the ColorWarehouse Network? Contact our support team at support@natific.com for support or a demonstration!


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