Virtual Certification Experience

This year brought many new challenges to the way we all work. Supply chains have had to adapt as well. Although we have not been travelling, natific has not been idle. We have not stopped performing certifications and training for our customers – the show must go on!

How have we been doing this? Virtually! Our local teams in Taiwan and in Switzerland have been supporting certifications in various formats all year, including in person where possible. We have also developed eCertifications and eLearning courses to enhance the virtual certification experience.

natific offers a few different options for certifications. We do brand-specific certifications in addition to our CAP and CCP. There is still a portion of the CAP and CCP that must be done in person, but we are able to complete phase 1 of both certifications virtually while we wait for travel restrictions to be lifted.

After 3 years of a CAP or CCP Certification, a Re-CAP or Re-CCP must be performed annually. We are able to perform these 100% virtually. The mills must share photos of their equipment and service certificates, and we are able to check their measurement capabilities with an online lab dip exercise. If there are no remaining colorists in-house from the original certification, we also perform the Munsell test, Ishihara test, and visual assessments through a live video.

Our first virtual certification was with Top Sport Textile in Cambodia. To let you in on the process and the mill’s experience, we talked to Guoxing Yuan (Henry), the Product Execution Manager from Top Sport Textile, who participated in the certification.

This was not Top Sport Textile’s first natific certification, but it was their first in these conditions. Due to travel restrictions, the certification was performed remotely. According to Henry, the experience was positive:

We connected with auditor by FaceTime while we performed. The auditor could see anything we did, just like she was on site.

Our company itself is a professional mill in the fabric knitting and dyeing fields, and the certification made us more professional in the color field.”

natific AG provides industry leading systems and services designed to stream-line color development and execution in global supply chains.  Visit or contact us at to learn more about virtual training and certifications.

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