Voodoo Feasibility Report SS22

Trend Color Feasibility Study

Scarlet Fusion is a vibrant red-orange. Although softer than a pure red, this color is vivid and energetic. This color is trending for Spring/Summer 2022, bringing with it a renewed sense of excitement, celebration, and creativity. Scarlet Fusion pairs well with peach, grey, lilac, and teal shades.

How will this color perform on your materials?

Will it meet your quality standards?

When we analyze the feasibility of a color, we generate a report on the color’s performance with the most commonly used substrates, fastness requirements, and recipe recommendations.

We also develop a natific Optimized Spectral Curve (nOSC). The nOSC represents the optimized version of the color and can be sent to suppliers to start the lab or production matching process.

Then, we give you all this information (including a qtx file with your custom nOSC) so you can have full confidence in how your color will look and perform – all before going to production.

Scarlet Fusion VooDoo Feasibility Study Results

Based on the fastness requirement set used for this analysis, on nylon this color will fail lightfastness testing. On cellulose, it will fail the lightfastness and gamut tests. Based on the parameters used for our report, we generated a few findings. We also created an nOSC (natific optimized spectral curve) that can be used as a substandard to achieve a better match.

Recommendations for Scarlet Fusion based on VooDoo Feasibility Analysis

Do you have a new trend color you aren’t certain about?

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