You Want To Know This Before You Send The Color Ultra Violet To Your Supplier

Are you considering using this inventive and imaginative color for your seasonal color palette?


“The Pantone Color of the Year “PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet” communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.”

This is what we found when checking the feasibility of “Ultra Violet 18-3838”
Before you send the spectral curve of Pantone Ultra Violet 18-3838 to your suppliers for color development or production, the following is good to know:

  • The color can perfectly be matched on cellulosic fibers by a combination of C.I. Reactive Red 159 and C.I. Reactive Blue 19
  • The spectral curve derived from this cotton sample shows a higher color inconstancy in store light (e.g. Ultralume 35, TL84 or any LED)
  • Trying to match the color standard on CD-Poly and Nylon as close as possible requires elements with low fastness performance
  • The spectral curve cannot be matched with standard elements used for other fiber types than cellulosics (i.e. not for polyester, nylon, cationic dyeable polyester or acrylic)

What does it mean?
This basically means that knowing the feasibility of Ultra Violet on other fibers than cellulosics will cut hours of negotiations with your suppliers and minimize unpleasant surprises!

What you need is an optimized spectral curve, i.e. a spectral curve that is feasible for all fiber types and better coordinates them.

How you can achieve Ultra Violet 18-3838 on all fiber types
The natific Voodoo Feasibility service helps leading brands to significantly reduce color development time and cost by creating feasible optimized color standards. This is also highly appreciated by suppliers.

We checked the feasibility of color “Ultra Violet 18-3838” in the natific Voodoo Feasibility system and created a feasible optimized color standard (named “Ultra Violet nOSC U01”).

Below overview highlights a page in the Voodoo Feasibility Report. One can easily compare the original “Ultra Violet 18-3838” and the feasible optimized “Ultra Violet nOSC U01”.

Your benefits
Using the feasible optimized “Ultra Violet nOSC U01” instead of the original “Ultra Violet 18-3838”, you will…:

  • achieve a color with better color constancy and which flares less in other illuminants
  • achieve a color with better overall fastness performance
  • achieve a color with better color coordinations among various materials
  • receive less emails from suppliers claiming not being able to match this color without metamerism
  • sell more articles as consumers might pick this fashion shade more often as it shows the color “Ultra Violet” also in store light

We created the “Ultra Violet nOSC U01” for you to download and use for free
Download the feasible optimized color standard by clicking HERE (Ultra Violet nOSC U01.qtx).

Do you want the full Voodoo Feasibility Report with recipes and fastness predictions for Ultra Violet 18-3838 with all fiber types listed in the overview screenshot? To get the report, contact our support team via



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