Your biggest problem in color development comes from yourself – PART A


Have you ever considered that you may be the biggest cause of your color development problems? A very uncomfortable question to ask, but all color professionals need to do it.

This is why you might be the problem
How often have you received multiple lab dips from a supplier whereof non matches the color you requested on a certain material?

Very likely far more often than you wish.

How often have you been upset and argued with a supplier about this?

Probably most of the times.

The key question is, how often have you done your homework prior to sending a new color request to a supplier?

Many don’t.

Do your homework and get your colors right the first time
The biggest problems matching a color on a certain material originates with the retailers and brands! Why?

Designers are frequently selecting colors and materials that cannot be matched because of colorant limitations (also called gamut limitation).

How to deal with technical issues affecting color matches
For technical reasons, gamut limitations may be unavoidable in some cases. If a dye house is unable to match a color you should ask the lab manager to always include a note with the lab dip submit explaining the technical limitations encountered.

But more importantly, you should check if your new color requests are possible to achieve in production and when needed adjust them prior to sending your request to a supplier. Gamut limitations should then no longer be an issue. Our natific team are happy to help you with this.

Stay tuned for Part B of “Your biggest problem in color development comes from yourself”, – how poor sourcing can affect your color development.


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